Published June 19, 2014

Dead Bankers

A Benjamin Wright Mystery

<p> Four bankers are dead. Three in New York. One in&nbsp;London. The killings coincide with an inexplicable crash&nbsp;in the world&rsquo;s stock markets. A mysterious trader is&nbsp;dumping huge volumes of assets. With the financial elite&nbsp;cowering in fear, Benjamin Wright is asked to discover the&nbsp;truth. Who is killing the bankers? And who else should fear for&nbsp;their lives? Is it a personal vendetta? Or has the public&rsquo;s&nbsp;hostility to bankers turned violent?&nbsp;From New York to Paris to London to a climax in St.&nbsp;Moritz, Dead Bankers whirls through a rarely seen world&nbsp;of hedge fund traders, private equity moguls, Russian&nbsp;oligarchs and politicians. A world where glitter and power&nbsp;conceal the very darkest truths affecting all of us.</p>
Published June 18, 2014


A Benjamin Wright Mystery

Published May 14, 2014

Black Edge

a benjamin wright mystery

<p> In 2013, the Securities and Exchange Commission successfully prosecuted a hedge fund trader named Matthew Martoma for using &quot;black edge&quot; to profit from a trade in two pharmaceutical stocks. Black edge is reliable information not yet available to the public. For a trader to seek to obtain it and then to use it is illegal. Martoma's use of it had earned him profits and avoided losses totalling $275 million. In the same year, Martoma's employer, Steven Cohen, one of the wealthiest hedge fund traders in the world, paid $616 million to settle a raft of lawsuits alleging systematic fraud in his trading operations. These were rare successes for the SEC. In general, the risks of being caught using black edge are so small and the potential rewards so high, that this illegal practice remains pervasive even at the most rarefied levels of finance. In this latest Benjamin Wright mystery, Wright is summoned from vacation in the Bahamas to investigate the case of Flynt Rodgers, an ex-marine turned multi-billionaire, whose investments span the globe, threaten lives and now imperil the re-election of the President. Greed, fear and violence run amok in this page-turning thriller from James Welsh.</p>